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Effective Altruism News
  • The most interesting startup idea I've seen recently: AI for epistemics
    If transformative AI might come soon and you want to help that go well, one strategy you might adopt is building something that will improve as AI gets more capable. That way if AI accelerates, your ability to help accelerates too. Here’s an example: organisations that use AI to improve epistemics – our ability to know what’s true — and make better decisions on that basis.
  • Depolarizing Phantasmagoria
    What a bright young scholar I am, using words like phantasmagoria!
  • Hard Vs. Soft Culture Fixes
    Our civilization depends on many key systems, such as for electricity, water, sewage, communication, transportation, news, law, education, marriage, elections, and regulations. We depend so much on such systems that we are reluctant to consider big changes to them, for fear of breaking them. We have specialists who track their effectiveness, and warn us if they show problems.
  • this week in security — may 19 edition
    this week in security — may 19 edition FBI seizes BreachForums (again), CISA official breaks ranks on SS7 flaws, May's Patch Tuesday, and more. ~this week in security~. a cybersecurity newsletter by @zackwhittaker volume 7, issue 19 View this email in your browser | RSS ~ ~ THIS WEEK, TL;DR. FBI seize BreachForums hacking forum used to leak stolen data...
  • DeepMind's "​​Frontier Safety Framework" is weak and unambitious
  • The most interesting startup idea I’ve seen recently: AI for epistemics
    The post The most interesting startup idea I’ve seen recently: AI for epistemics appeared first on 80,000 Hours.
  • Chatting With Ben Watkins About My Theodicy And The Anthropic Argument
    Here's RA's YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/@RealAtheology Here's my blog https://benthams.substack.com/
  • Fill out this census of everyone interested in reducing catastrophic AI risks
    Two years ago, we ran a survey for everyone interested in improving humanity's longterm prospects. The results of that survey have now been shared with over 150 organisations and individuals who have been hiring or looking for cofounders. Today, we’re running a similar survey for everyone interested in working on reducing catastrophic risks from AI. We're focusing on AI risks because:
  • AISafety.com – Resources for AI Safety
    There are many resources for those who wish to contribute to AI Safety, such as courses, communities, projects, jobs, events and training programs, funders and organizations. However, we often hear from people that they have trouble finding the right resources.
  • It's Hard To Think The Bible Is Infallible When You Read It
    Lots of it is just really weird!
  • Gun Rights and Noncompliance (1)
    Two Problems of Prohibition
  • “Call for Attorneys for OpenAI Employees and Ex-Employees” by Vilfredo’s Ghost
    I am a lawyer. I am not licensed in California, or Delaware, or any of the states that likely govern OpenAI's employment contracts. So take what I am about to say with a grain of salt, as commentary rather than legal advice. But I am begging any California-licensed attorneys reading this to look into it in more detail.
  • Advice for Activists from the History of Environmentalism
  • Arguing Live With A Bunch Of People About The Anthropic Argument
    Here's a link to my article about it https://benthams.substack.com/p/the-anthropic-argument-for-theism Here is the link to join the streamyard https://streamyard.com/i7msucw5sx
  • “Marisa, the Co-Founder of EA Anywhere, Has Passed Away” by carrickflynn
    (Apologies for errors or sloppiness in this post, it was written quickly and emotionally.). Marisa committed suicide earlier this month. She suffered for years from a cruel mental illness, but that will not be legacy–her legacy will be the enormous amount of suffering she alleviated for others.
  • The Fine-Tuning Argument Simply Works!
    Here's an article where I make the point in more detail. It also links to my various sources. https://benthams.substack.com/p/the-fine-tuning-argument-simply-works...
  • Friday Squid Blogging: Emotional Support Squid
    When asked what makes this an “emotional support squid” and not just another stuffed animal, its creator says: They’re emotional support squid because they’re large, and cuddly, but also cheerfully bright and derpy. They make great neck pillows (and you can fidget with the arms and tentacles) for travelling, and, on a more personal note, when my mum was sick in the hospital I gave her one and...
  • Breaking: Cultivated Meat Sold in Retail for the First Time Ever
    Breaking news—for the first time ever, cultivated meat is being sold at retail! As of May 16, shoppers can pick up GOOD Meat chicken at Huber’s Butchery in Singapore. Cultivated meat is made directly from animal cells, so the result is real meat that did not come from a slaughtered animal. This new product—known as […].
  • Making our work more readable
    Perhaps you noticed that our most recent blog post included a bit of whimsy and even a joke footnote. Our blog is changing slightly, and you can expect more of that!. When GiveWell first started blogging, the blog was a place to share broad thoughts on philanthropy and generate conversation.
  • Towards Guaranteed Safe AI: A Framework for Ensuring Robust and Reliable AI Systems
    I want to draw attention to a new paper, written by myself, David "davidad" Dalrymple, Yoshua Bengio, Stuart Russell, Max Tegmark, Sanjit Seshia, Steve Omohundro, Christian Szegedy, Ben Goldhaber, Nora Ammann, Alessandro Abate, Joe Halpern, Clark Barrett, Ding Zhao, Tan Zhi-Xuan, Jeannette Wing, and Joshua Tenenbaum.
  • Identifying Functionally Important Features with End-to-End Sparse Dictionary Learning
    A short summary of the paper is presented below. This work was produced by Apollo Research in collaboration with Jordan Taylor (MATS + University of Queensland). TL;DR: We propose end-to-end (e2e) sparse dictionary learning, a method for training SAEs that ensures the features learned are functionally important by minimizing the KL divergence between the output distributions of the original...
  • Vox article about recent OpenAI departures
    A brief overview of recent OpenAI departures (Ilya Sutskever, Jan Leike, Daniel Kokotajlo, Leopold Aschenbrenner, Pavel Izmailov, William Saunders). Some quotes perhaps worth highlighting: Even when the team was functioning at full capacity, that “dedicated investment” was home to a tiny fraction of OpenAI’s researchers and was promised only 20 percent of its computing power — perhaps the...
  • Articles about recent OpenAI departures
    A brief overview of recent OpenAI departures (Ilya Sutskever, Jan Leike, Daniel Kokotajlo, Leopold Aschenbrenner, Pavel Izmailov, William Saunders, Ryan Lowe Cullen O'Keefe ). Will add other relevant media pieces below as I come across them. Some quotes perhaps worth highlighting:
  • Artiabout recent OpenAI departures
    A brief overview of recent OpenAI departures (Ilya Sutskever, Jan Leike, Daniel Kokotajlo, Leopold Aschenbrenner, Pavel Izmailov, William Saunders, Ryan Lowe Cullen O'Keefe ). Will add other relevant media pieces below as I come across them. Some quotes perhaps worth highlighting:
  • Announcing La bisagra de la historia, a Spanish-speaking podcast
    We are pleased to announce the publication of La bisagra de la historia (in English, The Hinge of History), a podcast where we interview Spanish-speaking experts working on some of the most important problems of the century. The podcast is hosted by Laura González Salmerón and Pablo Stafforini, with occasional contributions by Pablo Melchor. Our first two episodes are now out:
  • It's Bad That There Are Incentives To Publish Boring Papers
    Wouldn't it be nice if there were incentives to publish interesting papers?
  • ChatGPT can talk, but OpenAI employees sure can’t
    Sam Altman (left), CEO of artificial intelligence company OpenAI, and the company’s co-founder and then-chief scientist Ilya Sutskever, speak together at Tel Aviv University in Tel Aviv on June 5, 2023. | Jack Guez/AFP via Getty Images Why is OpenAI’s superalignment team imploding? .
  • Boletín de mayo de 2024
    El día a día del Altruismo Eficaz: la comunidad de personas interesadas en los mayores problemas del mundo y las formas más efectivas de solucionarlos. Con este número retomamos la publicación del boletín de noticias relacionadas con el altruismo eficaz de la comunidad hispanohablante. Hemos cambiado de...
  • “I lost trust”: Why the OpenAI team in charge of safeguarding humanity imploded
    Sam Altman is the CEO of ChatGPT maker OpenAI, which has been losing its most safety-focused researchers. | Joel Saget/AFP via Getty Images Company insiders explain why safety-conscious employees are leaving. Editor’s note, May 18, 2024, 7:30 pm ET: This story has been updated to reflect OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s tweet on Saturday afternoon that the company was in the process of changing its...
  • Jason Crawford, Roots of Progress | Sustainable Technological Futures | Xhope Worldbuilding Course
    Jason Crawford is the founder of The Roots of Progress, where he writes and speaks about the history of technology and the philosophy of progress. Previously, he spent 18 years as a software engineer, engineering manager, and startup founder. Worldbuilding Course. This session is a part of THE WORLDBUILDING CHALLENGE: CO-CREATING THE WORLD OF 2045.
  • Evaluating Brazilian Pig Welfare In 2023
    This annual report, which monitors Brazilian companies’ pig welfare promises, suggests that progress is slow among both suppliers and retailers. The post Evaluating Brazilian Pig Welfare In 2023 appeared first on Faunalytics.
  • Issue 15: To change a norm
    Plus: bland buildings can't be blamed on labor costs, reasons to be sceptical about prediction markets, and gentrification policies that actually help.
  • Beneficentric Virtue Ethics
    I've previously suggested a constraint on warranted hostility: the target must be ill-willed and/or unreasonable. Common hostility towards either utilitarianism or effective altruism seems to violate this constraint. I could see someone reasonably disagreeing with the former view, and at least abstaining from the latter project, but I don’t think either could reasonably be regarded as...
  • Visibility into AI Agents | GovAI Blog
    AI agents could pose novel risks. Information about their activity in the real world could help us manage these risks.
  • QRI in Germany
    Hello dear reader! I seem to find myself in Berlin. My past self insists that I’m here for a reason, though the Empty Individualist self of the moment finds itself clearly confused about where it is and what it is doing here (realistically, the confusion is probably due to jetlag). To me, Germany has always […]...
  • EA Netherland's Theory of Change
    Below is a summary of our theory of change. We've been working with this theory for well over a year now, but it hasn't been widely shared. To develop it, we followed Charity Entrepreneurship’s advice and used these three sources as a guide. However, we mostly used this, which is an updated version of one of the aforementioned sources. It isn't complete.
  • After decades, Niger stands on the cusp of verifying elimination of river blindness
    By Greg Porter In 1944, a young British military doctor – Harold Ridley – set out to make a statement to the medical world. A small man with a round face and circular glasses, Harold spent 18 months stationed in Ghana, where he traveled to remote areas investigating river blindness (also known as onchocerciasis), a disease little known….
  • FBI Seizes BreachForums Website
    The FBI has seized the BreachForums website, used by ransomware criminals to leak stolen corporate data. If law enforcement has gained access to the hacking forum’s backend data, as they claim, they would have email addresses, IP addresses, and private messages that could expose members and be used in law enforcement investigations. […].
  • Choose Book Review Finalists 2024
  • My Last Five Years of Work
    Advances in AI raise the question of human flourishing after employment. Can we be happy without work? History and psychology shed light on the answer. The post My Last Five Years of Work appeared first on Palladium.
  • Vaccines saved 150 million children in 50 years
    Vaccines saved 150 million children in 50 years View this email in your browser Hello! Our favourite links this month include: A series of graphs from Our World in Data showing that 50 years of progress in vaccinations has led to 150 million lives saved.
  • Netherlands plans 2.4 billion euro aid spending cut
    https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/what-new-right-wing-dutch-government-plans-do-2024-05-16/. I sometimes feel that international development advocates are too focused on academia, philanthropies and multilateral organisations. I think advocates should be more aware of how vulnerable aid budgets are to cuts. For governments looking to reduce budgets, cuts to foreign aid are often the...
  • Announcing EA Brazil Summit
    The AEBr Summit, the first major event of Effective Altruism Brazil, will take place on June 29, 2024, in the city of São Paulo, at the Innovation Center of the University of São Paulo (INOVA USP). Our main objective is to expand and strengthen the Brazilian EA community by inviting both newcomers and experienced members to join us for a day of inspiring talks, workshops, and networking!.
  • OpenAI-Reddit deal 🤖, TikTok vs YouTube 📱, React Compiler 👨‍💻
  • The near and mid-term future of improving the Ethereum network's permissionlessness and decentralization
  • Do the Returns to Software R&D Point Towards a Singularity?
  • New career review: Nuclear weapons safety and security
    Note: this post is a (minorly) edited version of a new 80,000 Hours career review. In 1995, Jayantha Dhanapala chaired a pivotal conference that led to the indefinite extension of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. This meant committing 185 nations to never possessing nuclear weapons .
  • Paris Olympics Go Over 60% Vegan and Vegetarian to Combat Climate Change
    Over 60 percent of the Paris Olympics menu is set to be vegan and vegetarian! Hungry athletes and guests can expect plant-based hotdogs, vegan tuna, falafel, and more. Eighty percent of the total menu will use local produce in France. According to reports, the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the greenest in […].
  • Hidden Open Thread 329.5
  • New NAO preprint: Indoor air sampling for detection of viral nucleic acids
    Cross-post from the new NAO blog. Link: https://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.4823882. Airborne pathogens cause a significant amount of present harm and are the most likely cause of future pandemics. By targeting their primary mode of transmission, air sampling could enable earlier detection and persistent monitoring of such pathogens. As part of our work on sampling strategies for early detection...
  • I Believe In God Now, After Lifelong Atheism. Here's My Top Reason.
    Thumbnail should be interpreted satirically. Here's the article where I lay out the anthropic argument https://benthams.substack.com/p/the-anthropic-argument-for-theism Here's one where I give a bunch of arguments for the self-indication assumption and link to most places I argue for it https://benthams.substack.com/p/several-new-arguments-for-the-self Here's the paper on psychophysical...
  • Advice for Activists from the History of Environmentalism
    Other movements should try to avoid becoming as partisan as the environmental movement. Partisanship did not make environmentalism more popular, it made legislation more difficult to pass, and it resulted in fluctuating executive action. Looking at the history of environmentalism can give insight into what to avoid in order to stay bipartisan.
  • The scale of animal agriculture
    In a table, I combine various estimates of the number of animals farmed with Rethink Priorities' welfare range or moral weight estimates (Fischer, 2023) or my own guesses for others based on them. The table is also accessible here with calculations and some notes for some of the figures... .
  • Gentrification and Nationalism
    In the Feudal system that succeeded the old Roman empire, owning land predominantly meant holding the right to tax the people who lived on that land. One could in principle do other things to those people (if you can't credibly threaten to destroy or expel them, it's hard to collect taxes), but for the most […]...
  • The END Fund and Reaching the Last Mile Announce Premiere of The Fly Collectors at the New York African Film Festival
    Documentary short highlights tireless efforts of frontline health workers to end transmission of river blindness in Senegal EMBARGOED FOR RELEASE UNTIL MAY 16th 12:00 P.M. (New York, NY) – The END Fund, a private philanthropic initiative dedicated to ending the most prevalent neglected tropical diseases, together with Reaching the Last Mile, a portfolio of global….
  • The Rabbithole Goes Both Ways
    Why the media's focus on people's nefarious associations with other bad people is nonsense. Also, detailing my nefarious associations.
  • Call for Researchers: Funding Opportunity on Machine Learning in Cell Ag
    Our collaborative project, funded by Schmidt Futures. The post Call for Researchers: Funding Opportunity on Machine Learning in Cell Ag appeared first on New Harvest.
  • Beneficentric Virtue Ethics
    On the good intentions behind utilitarianism and effective altruism
  • Animal welfare in the United States: Opportunities for impact
    This report is also available on Animal Ask website. Downloadable pdf version here. Summary: In this report, we give an overview of animal production in the United States. We explore which industries are responsible for the largest amount of animal exploitation in the United States.
  • Canada’s Farmed Animal Welfare Progress In 2023
    Mercy For Animals' 2023 progress report finds that Canadian food companies are falling behind on their animal welfare promises. The post Canada’s Farmed Animal Welfare Progress In 2023 appeared first on Faunalytics.
  • AI Safety Newsletter #35: Lobbying on AI Regulation
    Plus, New Models from OpenAI and Google, and Legal Regimes for Training on Copyrighted Data
  • FLI Statement on Senate AI Roadmap
    President and Co-Founder Max Tegmark today released the following statement after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer released the long awaited Senate AI roadmap.
  • OpenAI and Google show off new AI features, Meta’s Llama 3 is the best in open-source, DARPA’s AI dogfight, and U.S.-China AI risk talks
    Plus: Schumer-led group publishes roadmap for AI legislation, export controls on AI models, and Stanford’s yearly AI rewind. The post OpenAI and Google show off new AI features, Meta’s Llama 3 is the best in open-source, DARPA’s AI dogfight, and U.S.-China AI risk talks appeared first on Center for Security and Emerging Technology.
  • Zero-Trust DNS
    Microsoft is working on a promising-looking protocol to lock down DNS. ZTDNS aims to solve this decades-old problem by integrating the Windows DNS engine with the Windows Filtering Platform—the core component of the Windows Firewall—directly into client devices. Jake Williams, VP of research and development at consultancy Hunter Strategy, said the union of these previously disparate...
  • Where gene drive fits into WHO’s new Global Malaria Programme operational strategy
    On the 23rd of April 2024, WHO published an updated operational strategy for its Global Malaria Programme for the years 2024-2030. The Global Malaria Programme was initially guided by a strategy intended to cover the years 2016-2030, which served as a framework and guide for efforts to reduce the global malaria incidence and mortality rates […].
  • Closing Talk - EACH 2024 Conference
    Thank you for being part of this year's EACH Conference! We hope you enjoyed it, made connections, and gained a better understanding of some of today's most pressing problems and how we can tackle them as Christians using our time, resources and careers. EACH 2024 Washington D.C. Conference https://www.eaforchristians.org/each-2024-conference...
  • Courage, Christianity, and the AI Revolution
    Emily is an AI Policy & Public Communications Advisor. In this talk, she will give insights into the recent progress in AI, walk us through her career journey into AI policy, and discuss why she hopes many more Christians are called to this cause area.
  • Optimizing for Impact at the Bible Project
    This talk is about why you should definitely read the Bible, and why you should maybe work in operations. We’ll discuss why “helping people read the Bible” is an important cause area, what it’s like working in “operations” at a high-impact organization, and how to know if you should take an “operations” job.
  • Can we do more for the poor than they can for themselves?
    What is an appropriate minimum standard for international development programming? Cash benchmarking proposes that the ethical answer is to make sure the aid industry adds value to the money entrusted to it. In other words, "Are we doing more for the poor than they can do for themselves?".
  • Charity Navigator’s New Impact Metrics
    Nancy is an Executive Human Resources Professional with over twenty years of experience in the Human Resources field. She has worked with Employee Engagement, Mentoring, Project Management, Talent Acquisition, and Strategic Planning. She has an MBA from Old Dominion University.
  • Who knows if we’re helping?
    Raising concerns about the ethical use of evidence in the Christian nonprofit space. Some urgent concerns and a path forward, based on a forthcoming paper by Colin Aitken, JD Bauman and Asia Wiaterek. Speaker: Colin Aitken Slido: https://app.sli.do/event/g5QBjke1YEQhu4u7bXijz1 Note: The presenter's views aren't necessarily the views of EA for Christians.
  • Fireside Chat: Bruce Friedrich (GFI) On Max-Impact Creation Care
    A chat with Bruce Friedrich, the founder and CEO of the Good Food Institute, a nonprofit think tank working to make the global food system better for the planet, people, and animals. GFI has more than 150 staff across six affiliates in the United States, India, Israel, Brazil, Asia Pacific, and Europe.
  • Doing The Most Good Per Dollar: Cash Incentives For Vaccinations
    Nigeria has some of the highest under-five mortality rates and lowest vaccination rates in the world. This session will explore the work of New Incentives, a GiveWell top charity. The talk will also delve into the role that saving lives plays in the Christian narrative and how effective storytelling can amplify the mission of nonprofits.
  • Faith, tears and impact: Two years of building Vida Plena, a mental health org in Ecuador
    Mental health treatment is often considered a luxury, only affordable to citizens of high-income countries. But people everywhere struggle with mental health, including many of the world’s poorest, most disadvantaged. This session explores group talk therapy, a potentially highly effective and scalable mental-health treatment for the poor.
  • Opening Talk & First timers at an EACH Conference
    This session will be a brief introduction to Effective Altruism, how you can get the most out of the conference, and an opportunity to meet other first-time attendees. Speakers: JD Bauman and Joanna (Asia) Wiaterek EACH 2024 Washington D.C. Conference https://www.eaforchristians.org/each-2024-conference...
  • Wir brauchen ein Umdenken im Zusammenleben mit Tauben
  • Podcast: Eye4AI on 2023 Survey
    Crossposted from world spirit sock puppet.
  • Netflix NFL deal 🏈, Google Home launches API 🏠, self driving car crackdown 🚗
  • 5 things you’ve got wrong about the Giving What We Can Pledge
    How well do you know the details of the Giving What We Can Pledge? A surprising number of people we’ve spoken to — including many who know a lot about effective giving — shared some or all of these pledge misconceptions. Note: This post was edited on 17 May to correct imprecise and potentially misleading language in Misconception #4 and respond to some of the feedback received on this point.
  • Elijah Baucom Appointed as Director of Citizen Clinic
    The UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC) and School of Information (I School) are pleased to announce that Elijah Baucom has been appointed as Director of Citizen Clinic, the university’s public-interest cybersecurity clinic. The post Elijah Baucom Appointed as Director of Citizen Clinic appeared first on CLTC.
  • What Is Boar Taint? Your Questions Answered.
    Did you know that the meat of some uncastrated male pigs may smell and taste unpleasant? The cause is “boar taint,” and if you didn’t know, you’re not alone. By understanding the causes and concerns surrounding boar taint, we can work toward a more compassionate and sustainable future for all. Here’s what you need to […]. The post What Is Boar Taint? Your Questions Answered.
  • Why not socialism?
    I. Introduction and a prima facie case. It seems to me that most (perhaps all) effective altruists believe that: The global economy’s current mode of allocating resources is suboptimal. (Otherwise, why would effective altruism be necessary?). Individuals and institutions can be motivated to change their behaviour for the better on the basis of concern for others.
  • What is my Facebook feed about?
    Sometimes I look at social media a bunch, but it would be hard for me to tell you what the actual content is, I suppose because whenever I’m looking at it, I’m focused on each object thing level in turn, not the big picture. So sometimes I’m curious what it is I read about there.
  • What is my Facebook feed about?
    Sometimes I look at social media a bunch, but it would be hard for me to tell you what the actual content is, I suppose because whenever I’m looking at it, I’m focused on each object thing level in turn, not the big picture. So sometimes I’m curious what it is I read about there.
  • Problem-Solving Techniques That Work For All Types of Challenges
    Essay by Spencer Greenberg, Clearer Thinking founder A lot of people don’t realize that there are general purpose problem solving...
  • EA Survey: Cause Prioritization
    Summary: In this post we report findings from the 2022 EA Survey (EAS 2022) and the 2023 Supplemental EA Survey (EAS Supplement 2023) , covering: Ratings of different causes, as included in previous EA Surveys (EAS 2022). New questions about ideas related to cause prioritization (EAS 2022).
  • More On Evolved Values
    Me in 2021: With sufficient further evolution, our descendants are likely to directly and abstractly know that they simply value more descendants. Let me now change my mind somewhat. It makes sense for agents to, somewhere inside themselves, know abstractly that they just want more long term evolutionary impact.
  • Instruction-following AGI is easier and more likely than value aligned AGI
    Summary: We think a lot about aligning AGI with human values. I think it’s more likely that we’ll try to make the first AGIs do something else. This might intuitively be described as trying to make instruction-following (IF) or do-what-I-mean-and-check (DWIMAC) be the central goal of the AGI we design.
  • Robust longterm comparisons
    (Cross-posted from http://www.tobyord.com/writing/robust-longterm-comparisons). The choice of discount rate is crucially important when comparing options that could affect our entire future. Except when it isn’t. Can we tease out a class of comparisons that everyone can agree on regardless of their views on discounting?.
  • Ilya Sutskever has officially left OpenAI
  • Was Partisanship Good for the Environmental Movement?
    Rising partisanship did not make environmentalism more popular or politically effective. Instead, it saw flat or falling overall public opinion, fewer major legislative achievements, and fluctuating executive actions.
  • Global Animal Slaughter Statistics & Charts
    In this resource, updated with the latest available data, we aggregate and explore trends in animal slaughter around the world using UN FAO data tracked since 1960. The post Global Animal Slaughter Statistics & Charts appeared first on Faunalytics.
  • Global Animal Slaughter Statistics & Charts
    In this resource, we aggregate and explore trends in animal slaughter around the world, using UN FAO data tracked since 1960. The post Global Animal Slaughter Statistics & Charts appeared first on Faunalytics.
  • Why There's Evil
    If there's a God
  • Guest Post — A COS Ambassador’s Journey Toward Openness Where it is Most Necessary
    For the past two years, I've been an Ambassador for the Center for Open Science (COS), and throughout my journey, I've actively contributed to the COS's mission of promoting accessible open science practices worldwide. In this post, I will try to summarize some of the barriers and triumphs that I experienced so far, particularly pointing out the main questions that guided me in this effort.
  • The Life Goals of Dead People
    Advice for the excessively guilty
  • Are Consumers Worried About The Food System?
    This report explores public opinion about the global food supply and what’s affecting it, touching on food security, climate change, and more. The post Are Consumers Worried About The Food System? appeared first on Faunalytics.
  • AI Now Statement on Sen. Schumer’s AI Roadmap
    AI Now Co-Executive Directors Amba Kak and Sarah Myers West issued the following statement: “Let’s be clear about what this process was about, from start to finish: despite a pressing need for regulatory intervention, in the end, the nine “insight forums” functioned as a stalling tactic. Rather than act on the mountains of evidence and […].
  • No "Zero-Shot" Without Exponential Data: Pretraining Concept Frequency Determines Multimodal Model Performance
    Extended version of a short paper accepted at DPFM, ICLR'24. Authored by Vishaal Udandarao, Ameya Prabhu, Adhiraj Ghosh, Yash Sharma, Philip H.S. Torr, Adel Bibi, Samuel Albanie, and Matthias Bethge. Similar to " The Importance of (Exponentially More) Computing Power.". Abstract:
  • Office Assistant
    Office Assistant admin_inox Wed, 05/15/2024 - 15:00 vacancy_id SYS-1180 location Nairobi, Kenya Contract type Fixed Term Duration 24 Months Frontend apply URL https://jobs.gainhealth.org/vacancies/1180/apply/ Closing date Wed, 05/22/2024 - 12:00 Department Administration about_the_role Organizes and manages the meeting rooms prior to any meetings being held. Assist the...