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Effective Altruism News
  • Your feedback for Actually After Hours: the unscripted, informal 80k podcast
    As you may have noticed, 80k After Hours has been releasing a new show where I and some other 80k staff sit down with a guest for a very free form, informal, video(!) discussion that sometimes touches on topical themes around EA and sometimes… strays a bit further afield.
  • 10 Times Scientists Admitted They Were Wrong, and What You Can Learn from Them
    Guest post by Hashem Elassad. Edited by Travis. The Nobel Prize recipient and father of modern neuroscience who was integral to our...
  • Key Takeaways from our Second Cell Ag in Canada Virtual Series Event
    We had four Canadian academic leaders sharing their thoughts on where the cell ag industry stands today. If you missed out, we've got you covered! Here are the key takeaways from the discussion. The post Key Takeaways from our Second Cell Ag in Canada Virtual Series Event appeared first on New Harvest.
  • The HomeWork: April 24, 2024
    Welcome to the April 24, 2024 Main edition of The Homework, the official newsletter of California YIMBY — legislative updates, news clips, housing research and analysis, and the latest writings from the California YIMBY team. News from Sacramento The legislative…. The post The HomeWork: April <span class="dewidow">24, 2024</span> appeared first on California YIMBY.
  • Bridging the Gap: Community Health Workers Leading the Fight Against Malaria
  • The Mathematical And Moral Case For You Becoming A Paid Subscriber
    In which I shill. Also a more general case for being a paid subscriber to blogs you like.
  • AI 'Summer School' and Roles Perfect for Consultants | EACN Job Blast #35🚀
    AI 'Summer School' and Roles Perfect for Consultants | EACN Job Blast #35🚀 Check out these high-impact roles, we're here to help you map out your next career move! | EACN Job Blast #35🚀 View this email in your browser EACN's High-Impact Job Blast The Effective Altruism Consulting Network team knows that...
  • Africa’s Second-Hand Battery Cage Dilemma
    As intensive industrial farming grows across Africa, second-hand battery cages pose a threat to egg-laying hens and animal welfare progress across the continent. The post Africa’s Second-Hand Battery Cage Dilemma appeared first on Faunalytics.
  • Measuring Meat Consumption Trends Using Supermarket Data
    Researchers analyzed animal product consumption using data from purchases made at 411 Tesco supermarkets across London, and found that July and August are the busiest times for meat consumption. The post Measuring Meat Consumption Trends Using Supermarket Data appeared first on Faunalytics.
  • Three Reasons Early Detection Interventions Are Not Obviously Cost-Effective
    Summary: For pandemics that aren’t ‘stealth’ pandemics (particularly globally catastrophic pandemics): Reason 1: Not All 'Detections' Are Made Equal: there can be significant variation in the level of information and certainty provided by different detection modalities (e.g.
  • Two Vernor Vinge Book Reviews
    A Fire Upon the Deep and A Deepness in the Sky
  • The meat industry’s war on wildlife
    A coyote in the El Capitan meadow area at sunrise in Yosemite National Park. | Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images Your taxes fund an obscure government program that kills millions of wild animals to benefit Big Ag. A red fox killed with a cyanide bomb. A gray wolf gunned down from an airplane. A jackrabbit caught in a neck snare.
  • Apply to come to Invisible College
    Our new residential seminar for 18 to 22-year-olds, during August 2024
  • April #2 Impactful Animal Advocacy Newsletter
    Stay updated and inspired
  • Dan Solove on Privacy Regulation
    Law professor Dan Solove has a new article on privacy regulation. In his email to me, he writes: “I’ve been pondering privacy consent for more than a decade, and I think I finally made a breakthrough with this article.” His mini-abstract: In this Article I argue that most of the time, privacy consent is fictitious.
  • EA Forum Digest #186
    EA Forum Digest #186 Hello!. CEA is hiring for a Program Lead for EA Global. Apply here. Also, if you benefit from the weekly Forum Digest, we'd love it if you left us some feedback (we learn from both critique and compliments). — Toby (for the Forum team) We recommend:
  • 80/20 Meditation
    Part of our 80/20 series. sit on a cushion for 20 mins per day. focus on your sensory experiences (touch, sight, smell, sound). Try to perceive them as accurately as possible . footnotes: is that really all? on one level, yes -- both in the sense that. .
  • You probably want to donate any Manifold currency this week
    In a recent announcement, Manifold Markets say they will change the exchange rate for your play-money (called "Mana") from 1:100 to 1:1000. Importantly, one of the ways to use this Mana is to do charity donations. TLDR: The CTA here is to log in to your Manifold account and donate currency you have on your account before May 1st.
  • Contra Hanson On Medical Effectiveness
  • Tesla's ride hailing app 🚗, Apple AI server chips 🤖, building a new city 🏙️
  • 2023-2024 AI Policy Hub Fellows to Showcase Research
    Launched in 2022, the AI Policy Hub trains UC Berkeley researchers to develop effective governance and policy frameworks to guide artificial intelligence, today and into the future. Each…. The post 2023-2024 AI Policy Hub Fellows to Showcase Research appeared first on CLTC.
  • Shai Dhaliwal: “Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape: The Role of Cybersecurity Consulting”
    On March 19th, the Center for Long Term Cybersecurity hosted a talk by Shai Dhaliwal, a cybersecurity manager within Accenture’s Technology Services and Digital Transformation team. Drawing on more than a decade of experience working with both public- and private-sector organizations, Dhaliwal shared her perspectives on the role of consultants in helping organizations navigate the complex...
  • Simple probes can catch sleeper agents
    This is a link post for the Anthropic Alignment Science team's first "Alignment Note" blog post. We expect to use this format to showcase early-stage research and work-in-progress updates more in the future. Twitter thread here. Top-level summary:
  • Contra Truth Teller on the Anthropic Argument For Theism
    Your existence points to God's existence
  • Dequantifying first-order theories
    The Löwenheim–Skolem theorem implies, among other things, that any first-order theory whose symbols are countable, and which has an infinite model, has a countably infinite model. This means that, in attempting to refer to uncountably infinite structures (such as in set theory), one "may as well" be referring to an only countably infinite structure, as far as proofs are concerned.
  • Becoming "Children of a Modest Star"
    Long Now talks with Jonathan Blake and Nils Gilman, authors of "Children of a Modest Star," about pandemics, climate change, and the planetary systems required to deal with them.
  • ProLU: A Pareto Improvement for Sparse Autoencoders
    Abstract. This paper presents ProLU, an alternative to ReLU for the activation function in sparse autoencoders that produces a pareto improvement over both standard sparse autoencoders trained with an L1 penalty and sparse autoencoders trained with a Sqrt(L1) penalty. ProLU(mi,bi)={miif mi+bi>0 and mi>00otherwise. The gradient wrt.
  • Housing Policy Is (Still) Climate Policy
    An abundance of climate and urban planning research has shown that urban sprawl is responsible for a significant share of global climate pollution. Sprawl requires longer trips in private vehicles, measured in “vehicle miles traveled,” or VMT. It also increases…. The post Housing Policy Is (Still) <span class="dewidow">Climate Policy</span> appeared first on California YIMBY.
  • The Tradeoffs of Inclusionary Zoning: A Closer Look​
    Inclusionary Zoning (IZ), the practice of requiring home builders to set aside some units in new housing construction to be rented at below-market rates (BMR) to low-income households, is a popular strategy to increase the production of affordable housing while…. The post The Tradeoffs of Inclusionary Zoning: A <span class="dewidow">Closer Look​</span> appeared first on California YIMBY.
  • Changing Men’s Perceptions Of Veganism Through Framing
    To make men more accepting of veganism, should we describe vegan food using conventionally masculine words?. The post Changing Men’s Perceptions Of Veganism Through Framing appeared first on Faunalytics.
  • Project Officer, Behavior Change Unit - RFSA
    Project Officer, Behavior Change Unit - RFSA admin_inox Tue, 04/23/2024 - 15:30 vacancy_id SYS-1167 location Quelimane, Mozambique Contract type Permanent Duration Indefinite Frontend apply URL https://jobs.gainhealth.org/vacancies/1167/apply/ Closing date Tue, 04/30/2024 - 12:00 Department Programmes about_the_role The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is...
  • Research Advisor, Market Research
    Research Advisor, Market Research admin_inox Tue, 04/23/2024 - 15:00 vacancy_id SYS-1166 location This position is open to GAIN’s country offices in New Delhi, Nairobi and London. Contract type Fixed Term Duration 24 Months Frontend apply URL https://jobs.gainhealth.org/vacancies/1166/apply/ Closing date Tue, 05/14/2024 - 12:00 Department Research, monitoring and...
  • What am I most wrong about?
    An open thread
  • How to spot real expertise
    Thanks go to Travis (from the Clearer Thinking team) for coauthoring this with me. This is a cross-post from Clearer Thinking. How can you tell who is a valid expert, and who is full of B.S.? On almost any topic of importance you can find a mix of valid experts (who are giving you reliable […]...
  • Procurement Manager
    Procurement Manager admin_inox Tue, 04/23/2024 - 13:00 vacancy_id SYS-1161 location Nairobi, Kenya Contract type Fixed Term Duration 24 Months Frontend apply URL https://jobs.gainhealth.org/vacancies/1161/apply/ Closing date Tue, 04/30/2024 - 12:00 Department Administration about_the_role The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is seeking a Procurement Manager to...
  • If You're Going To Eat Animals, Eat Beef and Dairy
    Crosspost of my blog. You shouldn’t eat animals in normal circumstances. That much is, in my view, quite thoroughly obvious. Animals undergo cruel, hellish conditions that we’d confidently describe as torture if they were inflicted on a human (or even a dog). No hamburger is worth that kind of cruelty. However, not all animals are the same.
  • New org announcement: Would your project benefit from OSINT, satellite imagery analysis, or international security-related research support?
    I’m an international security professional with experience conducting open source analysis, satellite imagery interpretation, and independent research, and I’m launching a new consulting organization, Earthnote! I’m really interested in applying my skills to the EA community and help to reduce existential threats to humanity, so let me know if I can help you/your org!.
  • Microsoft and Security Incentives
    Former senior White House cyber policy director A. J. Grotto talks about the economic incentives for companies to improve their security—in particular, Microsoft: Grotto told us Microsoft had to be “dragged kicking and screaming” to provide logging capabilities to the government by default, and given the fact the mega-corp banked around $20 billion in revenue from security services last year,...
  • Compassion is making a comeback in America
    A new study found that empathy among young Americans is rebounding after having reached worrying lows a decade ago. | Getty Images/iStockphoto A decade ago, research showed a troubling dip in empathy. A new study provides more hope. Think back to the United States as it was a year ago, a decade ago, a generation ago. Is the US a more caring or less caring nation now than it was back then? .
  • Should we break up Google DeepMind?
    Regulators should review the 2014 DeepMind acquisition. When Google bought DeepMind in 2014, no regulator, not the FTC, not the EC's DG COMP, nor the CMA, scrutinized the impact. Why? AI startups have high value but low revenues. And so they avoid regulation (and tax, see below).
  • Latest research papers in humane transport and slaughter
    We have created a new page on our website that provides details of recently published scientific articles covering the welfare of animals in markets, during transport, and at slaughter. The page can be found under ‘Publications’ and will be updated monthly. We hope it will provide an easy way for you to keep up-to-date with some of the latest publications in the field.
  • How can we achieve a malaria-free world?
    This blog was written collaboratively by Shana Warren, Associate Director of Path-to-Scale Research & Research Scientist at Innovations for Poverty Action, a research and policy NGO, and Katherine Theiss-Nyland, Malaria Consortium’s Technical Director. They share insights on the evidence driving the control and elimination of malaria and reflect on the most pressing challenges and promising …...
  • Who Cares About Bogs?
    The complex story of Irish peat
  • On failing to get EA jobs: My experience and recommendations to EA orgs
    This is an anonymous account (Ávila is not a real person). I am posting on this account to avoid potentially negative effects on my future job prospects. SUMMARY: I've been rejected from 18 jobs or internships, 12 of which are "in EA.".
  • Apple World Cup bid ⚽, Meta opens VR OS 🌎, Anthropic's prompt library 🤖
  • My Passover press release
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – From the university campuses of Assyria to the thoroughfares of Ur to the palaces of the Hittite Empire, students across the Fertile Crescent have formed human chains, camel caravans, and even makeshift tent cities to protest the oppression of innocent Egyptians by the rogue proto-nation of “Israel” and its vengeful, warlike […]...
  • Culture As A Cruel Master
    Some things are said to be good servants but bad masters. Consider applying this warning to culture. Culture is humanity’s superpower; it is what makes humans so much more capable than other animals. When we know what outcomes we want, but not how to get them, culture helps us find and copy associates better at getting those outcomes, and then collectively improve our abilities.
  • Betadine oral rinses for covid and other viral infections
    Before we get started, this is your quarterly reminder that I have no medical credentials and my highest academic credential is a BA in a different part of biology (with a double major in computer science). In a world with a functional medical system no one would listen to me. Tl;dr povidone iodine probably reduces … Continue reading "Betadine oral rinses for covid and other viral infections"...
  • Priors and Prejudice
    This post is easily the weirdest thing I've ever written. I also consider it the best I've ever written - I hope you give it a chance. If you're not sold by the first section, you can safely skip the rest. I.
  • Moving Past Environmental Proceduralism
    If the activists of fifty years ago had known what we know now, what might they have done differently?
  • More than 100 celebrities and influencers gather in LA to celebrate Mercy For Animals’ 25th anniversary during Earth Month
    LOS ANGELES — On Saturday, April 20, more than 100 celebrities and influencers gathered with changemakers from around the world at The Mercy For Animals 25th Anniversary Gala ahead of Earth Day to celebrate Mercy For Animals’ history and the positive impact the organization has had on farmed animals, people’s lives and the planet. Many […].
  • 'The AI Dilemma: Growth vs Existential Risk': An Extension for EAs and a Summary for Non-economists
    In this post I first summarize a recent paper by Chad Jones focused on the decision to deploy AI that has the potential to increase both economic growth and existential risk (section 1). Jones offers some simple insights which I think could be interesting for effective altruists and may be influential for how policy-makers think about trade-offs related to existential risk.
  • How to Make the NSTC a Moonshot Success
    The new National Semiconductor Technology Center can reshape America's semiconductor industry
  • Handwaving Morality
    Contra HWFO on morality
  • Perspectives on Feminist Foreign Policy: Revealing New Narratives, Challenging The Status Quo
    Read our summary report of our feminist foreign policy essay "un-contest" where we published 11 essays from emerging thought leaders around the world. The post Perspectives on Feminist Foreign Policy: Revealing New Narratives, Challenging The Status Quo first appeared on War Prevention Initiative.
  • Using Legitimate GitHub URLs for Malware
    Interesting social-engineering attack vector: McAfee released a report on a new LUA malware loader distributed through what appeared to be a legitimate Microsoft GitHub repository for the “C++ Library Manager for Windows, Linux, and MacOS,” known as vcpkg.
  • The Grimke Sisters and Sexism
    The necessity of birth control
  • The Impacts Of Conventional Cat And Dog Food
    These authors explore the environmental and farmed animal welfare impacts of companion cat and dog diets compared to human diets. The post The Impacts Of Conventional Cat And Dog Food appeared first on Faunalytics.
  • How effective are policies in reducing the environmental impacts of agriculture?
    All countries now have policies, but not all work as intended. Some drive trade-offs or lead to spillover impacts elsewhere, but there are many examples of successful stories.
  • Six Budget-Friendly Plant-Based Foods for Sustainable Eating
    April is Earth Month and a great time to start incorporating sustainable eating habits into your routine. If you’re looking for affordable ways to eat more plant-based, consider adding these six budget-friendly foods to your diet. They not only support a compassionate lifestyle but contribute to a more sustainable food system. 1. Seaweed Did you […].
  • [Linkpost] “Motivation gaps: Why so much EA criticism is hostile and lazy” by titotal
    Disclaimer: While I criticize several EA critics in this article, I am myself on the EA-skeptical side of things (especially on AI risk). Introduction. I am a proud critic of effective altruism, and in particular a critic of AI existential risk, but I have to admit that a lot of the critcism of EA is hostile, or lazy, and is extremely unlikely to convince a believer. Take this recent Leif...
  • Alternative proteins are a solution made for this moment
    Global demand for meat is rising, and meat production is estimated to increase at least 50% by 2050. To meet this demand sustainably, we must reimagine protein.
  • How cost-effective are LEEP’s paint programs?
  • How cost-effective are LEEP’s paint programs?
  • ChinAI #262: Expert Draft AI Law Changelog
    Saad Siddiqui tracks the evolution of a key expert draft AI law
  • Open Thread 326
  • I gave up meat and gained so much more
    Christine Mi for Vox The delightful abundance of going vegan. Marina Bolotnikova is a deputy editor for Vox’s Future Perfect section. Before joining Vox, she reported on factory farming for national outlets including the Guardian, the Intercept, and elsewhere. Christine Mi is a cartoonist, writer, and game designer focused on telling...
  • World Malaria Day: Accelerating the fight against malaria for a more equitable world
    Originally posted by the Outreach Network For Gene Drive Research Malaria has a devastating impact, extending far beyond its direct threat to health and lives. It perpetuates a vicious cycle of inequity, creating additional challenges for communities and social groups already facing economic and societal issues. As the world gets together to celebrate World Malaria […].
  • “Announcing The New York Declaration on Animal Consciousness” by Sofia_Fogel
    The last ten years have witnessed rapid advances in the science of animal cognition and behavior. Striking results have hinted at surprisingly rich inner lives in a wide range of animals, driving renewed debate about animal consciousness.
  • Who Warns Of Warners?
    Simple action stories depict conflict with an outsider villain/monster. In fighting that monster, the hero often gets help from their usual social allies, such as friends, family, and local authorities. In a more “modern” story, however, the villain may be a friend, parent, boss, teacher, police, or government agency.
  • Time complexity for deterministic string machines
    This was a project conducted during MATS 5.0 under the mentorship of Vanessa Kosoy and supported by a grant from BERI. It builds off the String Machines framework (and depends on the linked post for certain definitions), which models category-theoretic generalizations of finite-state transducers.
  • Tesla cuts prices 🚗 , Samsung 6-day workweek 💼, ChatGPT's architecture 👨‍💻
  • What's in a GWWC Pin?
    Earlier this year I got an email telling me that I could receive (if I wished) a GWWC pledge pin after completing the first year of being a pledger. So I sent off a form, and after waiting a little while longer, a small package arrived at my door with the pin inside. I wanted to write this post about that year much closer to the time I received it, but as always real life got in the way!
  • Taboo Morality
    One reason you shouldn't take very seriously the intuition that insects don't matter
  • Challenges of AI and its Effect on Information Reliability
    Webinar: AI, Elections, and Disinformation - https://youtu.be/0AjPl03eXK4 During our recent webinar, CSET's Josh A. Goldstein and expert panelists discussed AI’s impact on the 2024 elections. Sarah Shirazyan of Meta highlighted the challenges of AI and its effect on information reliability. Event Details: https://cset.georgetown.edu/event/ai-elections-and-disinformation/...
  • Is The Multiverse Explanation of Fine Tuning Fallacious? With Michael Huemer.
    Here's his blog https://fakenous.substack.com/ Here's the blog post I mentioned https://benthams.substack.com/p/contra-huemer-on-whether-you-need
  • this week in security — april 21 edition
    this week in security — april 21 edition Congress reauthorizes and expands FISA, CISA warns of smart lock flaw, XZ backdoor wasn't an isolated incident, and more. ~this week in security~. a cybersecurity newsletter by @zackwhittaker volume 7, issue 16 View this email in your browser | RSS ~ ~ THIS WEEK, TL;DR. Senate votes to reauthorize and expand Section...
  • Cognitive Enhancement in a World of Superabundance
    Addressing an objection to genetic enhancement for IQ
  • Parroting Vs. Real Seeing
    On everything I pretend to know
  • Hail Cecilia Heyes
    I am addicted to ‘viewquakes’, insights which dramatically change my world view. (More) To my shame, I missed Tyler’s review of the 2018 book Cognitive Gadgets: The Cultural Evolution of Thinking. I often get asked what are good books to read, and who are contemporary intellectual heroes, and now I have good answers: this book and its author Cecilia Heyes.
  • Utopian Enemies of the Better
    Lesser evils should be preferred over greater ones
  • If You're Going To Eat Animals, Eat Beef and Dairy
    And stay far away from eggs
  • Tired of Arguing (2)
    I’m short on time, so this week I’ll just ramble a little bit about a much earlier post. I posted this on Facebook in June 2017: I used to argue with people with opposing ideologies. Christian proselytizers, subjectivists, Randian objectivists, Marxists, positivists, other victims of scientism. Now I generally don’t.
  • Die «unsichtbaren» Tiere brauchen deine Hilfe!
  • Will AI mean the end of liberal democracy?
    Journalist Fareed Zakaria speaks during the Ellis Island Medals of Honor ceremony at the Ellis Island Honors Society meeting in New York on May 13, 2017. | Kena Betancur/AFP via Getty Images Fareed Zakaria on the age of revolution. What does it mean to say that we’re living in a revolutionary era?.
  • Presence neurotechnology & technology-aided direct transmission
    Some people have an amazingly positive energetic presence, such that you feel yourself better just being near them. Better as in happier, and better as in easier to be the person you wish to be. There are many different ‘flavors’ […]...
  • Bostrom’s Deep Utopia
    Nick Bostrom’s new tome … has a great cover with a number of interesting questions and a subtitle that hints that it might address the meaning of life in a future where AI and robots can do everything. But alas, after much build up and anticipation, he leaves that question unanswered, with an abrupt oops, out of time on page 427.
  • Inducing Unprompted Misalignment in LLMs
    Emergent Instrumental Reasoning Without Explicit Goals. TL;DR: LLMs can act and scheme without being told to do so. This is bad. Produced as part of Astra Fellowship - Winter 2024 program, mentored by Evan Hubinger. Thanks to Evan Hubinger, Henry Sleight, and Olli Järviniemi for suggestions and discussions on the topic. Introduction.
  • Development through Economic Growth — a report commissioned by Open Philanthropy
    Open Philanthropy commissioned a report from Stefan Dercon on economic growth as the main driver of poverty reduction. In the report, Dercon highlights a set of overlooked policies that can help boost economic growth in developing countries, as well as key reasons why these policies aren’t always pursued. You can read the full report here. Discuss...
  • Healthier Hens Y2.5 update and new avenues
    TL;DR: Healthier Hens (HH) aims to improve cage-free hen welfare, focusing on key issues such as keel bone fractures (KBFs). In the last 6 months, we’ve conducted a vet training in Kenya, found a 42% KBF prevalence, and are exploring alternative promising interventions in collaboration with the Welfare Footprint Project, publishing transferrable findings along the way.
  • Probably Good is looking for a CEO / Executive Director!
    Probably Good is searching for a CEO / executive director to take the reins and lead the organization in its mission to help more people use their careers to make a positive impact at scale.
  • Friday Squid Blogging: Squid Trackers
    A new bioadhesive makes it easier to attach trackers to squid. Note: the article does not discuss squid privacy rights. As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven’t covered. Read my blog posting guidelines here.
  • Progress Update #1 from the GDM Mech Interp Team: Summary
    Introduction. This is a progress update from the Google DeepMind mechanistic interpretability team, inspired by the Anthropic team’s excellent monthly updates! Our goal was to write-up a series of snippets, covering a range of things that we thought would be interesting to the broader community, but didn't yet meet our bar for a paper.
  • [Summary] Progress Update #1 from the GDM Mech Interp Team
    Introduction. This is a progress update from the Google DeepMind mechanistic interpretability team, inspired by the Anthropic team’s excellent monthly updates! Our goal was to write-up a series of snippets, covering a range of things that we thought would be interesting to the broader community, but didn't yet meet our bar for a paper.
  • Progress Update #1 from the GDM Mech Interp Team: Full Update
    This is a series of snippets about the Google DeepMind mechanistic interpretability team's research into Sparse Autoencoders, that didn't meet our bar for a full paper. Please start at the summary post for more context, and a summary of each snippet. They can be read in any order. Activation Steering with SAEs. Arthur Conmy, Neel Nanda.
  • [Full Post] Progress Update #1 from the GDM Mech Interp Team
    This is a series of snippets about the Google DeepMind mechanistic interpretability team's research into Sparse Autoencoders, that didn't meet our bar for a full paper. Please start at the summary post for more context, and a summary of each snippet. They can be read in any order. Activation Steering with SAEs. Arthur Conmy, Neel Nanda.
  • CES Urges Missouri Legislature to Oppose HJR 104, Which Aims to Suppress Voter Voices by Prohibiting Approval Voting and RCV
    As the Center for Election Science, a national nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on voter education and promoting election science, we strongly oppose the resolution in Missouri – HJR 104 – that aims to prohibit ranked-choice voting (RCV), approval voting and all voting methods that allow the residents of Missouri the opportunity to express their […].
  • World Value Drift
    A new paper looks at 40 questions from the World Values Survey from 1981 to 2022 (n = 406,185) for the 76 nations that did this survey more than once. Overall these values diverged over these four decades.
  • AI Now co-ED Amba Kak’s Speech at the German Green Party’s Shaping AI Conference
    AI Now co-Executive Director Amba Kak was invited to provide a keynote address at the German Green Party’s ‘Shaping AI’ conference on April 19. The following are her remarks: Thank you so much for inviting AI Now to share our thoughts at this conference. My vision for AI is a world in which AI is […].
  • Meat reduction: How much can digital media and mass media help?
    Executive Summary. The animal advocacy movement regularly invests resources into campaigns that aim to reduce people's consumption of meat and/or animal products. Many of these campaigns are conducted using digital media (e.g. social media ads) and/or mass media (e.g. radio, TV, newspapers). In this report, we summarise the evidence on these campaigns.